The emotions preserved in our wines are experienced on the surface of our skin. The skins keep the passion, joy, and calmness, just like those that await to be discovered in these bottles.

Their vineyards came to life in a family context that always prioritized the freedom and happiness of its members.

Origin: 🇦🇷

A flor de piel se viven las emociones que quedan guardadas en nuestro vinos. Las pieles nos aportan las pasiones, alegrías y la calma que esperan en las botellas para ser descubiertas.

Sus viñedos cobraron vida en un contexto familiar que siempre priorizó la libertad y felicidad de sus integrantes.

Origen: 🇦🇷


Joys are like flowers stained by rain and stripped by the wind. Feelings of pleasure originated from a lively satisfaction of the soul.


Freedom is the opportunity to be different, to choose which path to take, to soar high, even if rain is imminent. Life should and must be ventured for freedom.


Passions are like the wind, necessary to give movement to everything, even though they often cause hurricanes.


Calm is experienced when one learns to love well, when selfishness gives way to giving, and dissatisfaction fades away to open the heart and soul, fully surrendering to those who want to receive and give.