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The challenge of this project was to reflect the rich Spanish culture on a label. Since the wine originated in Aragón, we explored symbols and concepts to evoke its history. 

During the research, we discovered that Pedro III of Aragón was the one who introduced the first decks of cards to the West, specifically to Italy.

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El desafío de este proyecto consistió en reflejar la vasta cultura española en una etiqueta. Dado que el vino se originó en Aragón, se exploraron símbolos y conceptos que evocaran su historia. 

Durante la investigación, se descubrió que Pedro III de Aragón fue quien introdujo las primeras barajas de cartas a occidente, precisamente a Italia.

Origen: 🇪🇸


The origins of the deck of cards are uncertain, but it’s widely believed to have originated in China during the 12th century. 

Its introduction to Europe occurred in the 13th century, coinciding with the military dominance of the Crown of Aragon. 

In 1282, Pedro III of Aragon embarked on a Mediterranean campaign to conquer Sicily, where he is credited with introducing the first decks of cards to Italy.

One of the oldest decks of cards displayed at the Museo Fournier de Naipes de Álava dates back to the early 15th century, making it a remarkable relic preserved to this day. Notably, this deck already features iconic symbols such as the ace, jack, and king, mirroring those found in Fournier’s collections today.

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