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The label tells the intriguing military story of Pontus De la Gardie; his passage through two different armies and his death during a fearsome battle at sea.

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La etiqueta narra la intrigante historia militar de Pontus De la Gardie; su paso por dos ejércitos distintos y su muerte durante una temible batalla en alta mar.

Origen: 🇫🇷

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Pontus De la Gardie was born in Caunes-Minervois (Aude), Languedoc. His family had destined him for service in the church, so he was educated to become a priest in the diocese of Carcassonne. Over time, he decided to leave his hometown to become a soldier and adopted the name Pontus De la Gardie.

He entered the service of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway. Then, in 1565, during the Nordic Seven Years’ War, he was captured by Swedish troops in Varberg and persuaded to join the Swedish cause. That’s the reason why both flags with the coats of arms of Denmark and Sweden are depicted on the label.

In a short time, De la Gardie became the most famous military commander of Sweden during the 16th century and is credited with much of the country’s military success in the 1580s. He ultimately drowned in the Narva River while peace negotiations with Russia were ongoing.

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