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“Cinco Generaciones” tells the story of a family of winemakers. Narratives and experiences that journey from the prohibition of viticulture in Entre Ríos to its current revival.

Origin: 🇦🇷

“Cinco Generaciones” cuenta la historia de una familia de bodegueros. Relatos y vivencias que recorren desde la proscripción de la vitivinicultura en Entre Ríos, hasta su renacimiento actual.  ⁣

Origen: 🇦🇷

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During the 1930s, a law was passed banning viticulture in Entre Ríos, a province known for its prolific wine production at the time. To enforce this law, wineries, barrels, and distilleries were dismantled, and existing wine was poured out.

There are even reports suggesting that vineyards were deliberately set on fire. This label symbolizes a resurrection from adversity through vibrant green colors that contrast with the past catastrophe.

It’s the common name for the geological formations that gradually lost their sharp edges due to erosion by water over time, eventually becoming the characteristic hills of Entre Ríos. This landscape serves as the backdrop for the winery, as depicted on the label.

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