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El nombre de la bodega  Cinco Generaciones hace referencia a los protagonistas de esta familia de bodegueros que vivieron desde la proscripción de la vitivinicultura en Entre Ríos hasta su renacimiento actual.  ⁣


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The name of the winery Cinco Generaciones refers to the protagonists of this family of winemakers who lived from the prohibition of viticulture in Entre Ríos until its current rebirth. ⁣


Origin: 🇦🇷

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In the 1930s, a law was enacted that outlawed viticulture in Entre Ríos, being, at that time, one of the provinces with the most production. ⁣

To ensure compliance with this law, wineries, barrels, alembics were destroyed to pour out the wine already made. Some say that they even burned down the vineyards. Hence the metaphor for this label of being reborn from the ashes represented by a green life full of life in contrast to the fire of the past. ⁣

It is the common name for the geographical formations that, due to the erosion of time and water, were losing their edge and becoming the typical hills of Entre Ríos. Landscape that frames the winery as shown on the label.

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