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The family project of Michelini i Mufatto is an authentic expression of passion and commitment to wine. Their focus is on highlighting the purity, minerality, finesse, and elegance that characterize the terroir of Tupungato, Bierzo, and Uruguay.

Origin: 🇦🇷

El proyecto familiar de Michelini i Mufatto es una expresión auténtica de la pasión y el compromiso por el vino. Su enfoque se centra en destacar la pureza, mineralidad, fineza y elegancia que caracterizan al terroir de Tupungato, Bierzo y Uruguay.

Origen: 🇦🇷

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Conceived as a tribute to the essence of village wines, it embodies the very heart of Gualtallary, celebrated by oenophiles as a prime example of viticultural excellence.

This wine aspires to encapsulate the essence of its terroir, incorporating a tapestry of vineyards, soils, and altitudes to craft a truly exceptional representation of this remarkable locale.

The label, adorned with indigenous flora and fauna, mirrors the grandeur of its origins. A subtle yet profound message, ‘Patrie est ubicumbe est bene’ (home is where one is well), is discreetly inscribed, underscoring the profound connection between sense of place and well-being.

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The name and concept of this label are rooted in the winemaker’s perception of the terroir: a valley nestled between mountains, where the soil is so precisely defined that it resembles a stone raft, as if scooped up by a shovel.