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Es el proyecto familiar de Michelini i Mufatto. Su concepto principal es el de mostrar la pureza, mineralidad, fineza y elegancia del terroir de Tupungato, Bierzo y Uruguay.


Origen: 🇦🇷

It is the Michelini i Mufatto family project. Its main concept is to show the purity, minerality, finesse and elegance of the terroir of Tupungato, Bierzo and Uruguay.


Origin: 🇦🇷

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It was born as a concept of villa or “village” wine. Its lyrics are the first and the last of Gualtallary, which is what connoisseurs of oenology commonly call the place.

It seeks to show the town in its purest and most complex form, encompassing different vineyards, soils and heights, to achieve a wine that represents an exceptional place.

All the majesty is reflected on the label through its flora and fauna. The phrase hidden on the label is: Patrie est ubicumbe est bene (the homeland is where one is well).

GY y Balsa de Piedra botellas
botellas gy y balsa de piedra

The name and concept of this label is related to the idea or feeling of the winemaker of this wine about the place: A valley between mountains, a portion of soil so well delimited that if you were to remove it, as if removing a portion of land with a shovel, it would be shaped like a raft. A stone raft.