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Es un proyecto vitivinícola de Matías Michelini y Pancho Lávaque, situado en el norte de Argentina.⁣

Todas las fotografías son de Victoria Romero.


Origen: 🇦🇷

It is a wine project of Matías Michelini and Pancho Lávaque, located in the north of Argentina.

All photographs are by Victoria Romero.


Origin: 🇦🇷


El Abrazo

Paraje San Luis, Valle De Cafayate, Salta

The plants that give the grapes to make this wine are surrounding a cactus that seems to form a family embracing each other.

inculto-el pajaro

El Pájaro

Quebrada de Hualfín, Catamarca

Planted with creole chica, the first variety to be incorporated in the American continent, known in Europe as Listan Prieto.

inculto el algarrobo

El Algarrobo

Paraje San Luis, Valle De Cafayate, Salta

“The grapes that make this wine come from plants located under an ancient carob tree. These plants are located following the projected tree shadow. This gives the grape a strong identity”.

inculto payogasta

Culto de Montaña

Payogasta, Alto Valle Calchaqui, Salta

It is an area with great thermal amplitude from day to night. Its high altitude makes it have low temperatures, ideal for varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc that express themselves better in cold climates.

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