Label for a pet nat from the French winery located in Château de La Jaubertie. 

Their wines are characterized by labels with a classic French design, but as always in life, there is an exception.⁣

The versatility of Pet Nat labels offers abundant creative opportunities. That’s why we organized an internal contest to encourage team members to express their unique styles.

Origin: 🇫🇷

Etiqueta para un pet nat de la bodega francesa ubicada en el Château de La Jaubertie.

Los vinos se caracterizan por sus etiquetas con diseños clásicos franceses. Pero como siempre sucede en la vida, hay una excepción.

La versatilidad de las etiquetas de Pet Nat ofrece abundantes posibilidades creativas. Por eso organizamos un concurso interno para incentivar a los miembros del equipo a que expresaran su estilo y autenticidad.

Origin: 🇫🇷

“Figuring out who’s who in this story isn’t all that clear.⁣

In the background, you can hear the soft flow of water,⁣

Eyes shifting from one side of the river to the other…⁣

Make sure not to miss a single detail or sign⁣

that life was happening right then and there.”

Some other labels that took part in the internal contest: