Etiqueta para un pet nat de la bodega francesa ubicada en Château de La Jaubertie. Sus vinos se caracterizan por etiquetas de diseño clásico francés, pero siempre hay una excepción. ⁣

Las etiquetas Pet Nat abren muchas posibilidades creativas. Por eso, decidimos hacer un concurso interno para dejar fluir los estilos propios de cada integrante del equipo. ⁣


Origin: 🇫🇷

Label for a pet nat from the French winery located in Château de La Jaubertie. Their wines are characterized by labels with a classic French design, but there is always an exception.⁣

Pet Nat tags open up so many creative possibilities. For this reason, we decided to hold an internal contest to let the styles of each team member flow.⁣


Origin: 🇫🇷

“Who is who in this story is not very well known.⁣
In the background, the soft sound of running water,⁣
They look from one side of the river to the other…⁣
Pay attention not to miss a single detail or sign⁣
that life was happening right at that moment.”⁣

Other labels that participated in the internal contest: