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Every creation of La Dama del Gin Master Distiller is a part of a bigger concept.

A balanced and harmonious fusion of art, gastronomy, and hedonism, reflected not only in the concoction itself but also in the design of its packaging and name.

Each gin is a tribute to courageous women who broke with the established order of their time and persevered despite being overlooked by history and society.

Origin: 🇦🇷

Cada creación de La Dama del Gin, Master Distiller, integra a su vez un concepto más amplio. Una equilibrada fusión de arte, gastronomía y placer que no solo rinde honor al propio brebaje, sino también al diseño de su packaging y su nombre.  

Cada gin rinde tributo a mujeres valientes y visionarias que desafiaron el orden establecido y, a pesar de las críticas de la sociedad, dejaron una marca imborrable en la historia. 

Origen: 🇦🇷

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The first creation of La Dama del Gin was inspired by Tamara de Lempicka, a prominent Polish painter known for her Art Deco style.

She made history not only as a great artist but also as a brave and revolutionary woman for her time.

In honor of the woman featured on the label, this design was crafted based on her distinctive style. Before creating it, we thoroughly studied each detail and characteristic of her art to be as faithful as possible.

Vanilla and saffron, the world’s most prized spices, along with a blend of four flowers, define the essence of this gin – a genuine homage to the golden twenties and the artist it commemorates.

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