The concept of “infinite time” pays tribute to all the family generations that developed the art of winemaking and, with their experience and wisdom, left a great legacy for the subsequent generations.

Just as wine transforms inside the bottles over time, the painting that brings the labels to life will continue evolving constantly, hand in hand with the element that composes it: wine.

Origin: 🇦🇷

El concepto de “tiempo infinito” rinde homenaje a todas las generaciones familiares que desarrollaron el arte de la vitivinicultura y que, con su experiencia y sabiduría, dejaron un gran legado a las siguientes generaciones.

Al igual que el vino se transforma dentro de las botellas con el paso del tiempo, el cuadro que da vida a las etiquetas seguirá transformándose de manera constante, de la mano del elemento que lo compone: el vino.

Origen: 🇦🇷

The leaves of the trees, penetrated by the rays of the sun where the present time is manifested, were the source of inspiration for the lights and shadows observed in the artwork.

In Tiempo Infinito, there will never be two identical labels. As it happens in families, the origin is the same, but the authenticity of its members is nourished by diverse perspectives. That’s why each label corresponds to a fraction of the painting, chosen randomly and uniquely.