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This project pays tribute to wine, from its visual identity to its architecture. The creation of the brand draws inspiration from elements such as ancient shields, the distinctive shape of the wine glass, the diverse nuances of the wine world, and the unique essence of terroir.

We aimed to develop a sophisticated and contemporary visual identity that would adapt to any context while remaining true to the essence and prestige embodied by an authentic Bar de Vinos.

Origin: 🇺🇾

Este proyecto rinde culto al vino desde su identidad visual hasta su arquitectura. La creación de la marca se inspira en ciertos elementos como los escudos antiguos, la distintiva forma de la copa de vino, los diversos matices del mundo vinícola y la esencia única del terroir. 

Se buscó desarrollar una identidad visual sofisticada y contemporánea que se adaptase a cualquier contexto y se mantuviera fiel a la esencia y prestigio que encarna un auténtico Bar de Vinos.

Origen: 🇺🇾


Bar de Vinos brand has a flexible design that can be adjusted to different formats and purposes, depending on the situation. The logo and symbol can be used in various combinations, creating different versions of the brand’s essence. Additionally, the color scheme, layout grids, and typography variations are key elements of the bar’s visual identity, as illustrated below.

Bar de vinos alternativas de marca
Bar de vinos alternativas de marca
Bar de Vinos código cromático
Bar de Vinos collage menú
Bar de Vinos collage
Bar de Vinos collage
Bar de Vinos collage
Bar de Vinos collage
Bar de Vinos collage
Bar de vinos menú
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Book of Wines

A book has been designed, written, and edited, covering the wine regions from which the wines were sourced. It describes the wineries and provides details about each of the wines served in this bar. The narrative is delivered by Gerardo and Manuel Michelini.

argo bar de vinos branding libro bar de vinos
argo bar de vinos branding manito

As previously mentioned, a fundamental aspect of this brand lies in its emphasis on diversity and variety. That’s why, for our corporate cards, we incorporate various collages developed throughout the project. These collages not only serve as unique visual elements but also contribute to maintaining coherence within our brand’s identity.

Bar de Vinos tarjeta

Many of the decorations consist of paintings crafted using the same collage technique that pervades the entire visual identity. These characters were intricately composed to captivate the attention of visitors.

Bar de Vinos collage
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Social Media

Lastly, key pieces were designed to shape the visual identity of the social network profiles, with meticulous attention given to every detail to uphold a consistent visual language.

Bar de vinos redes sociales
Bar de Vinos cartel circular
Bar de Vinos ploteo frase
Bar de Vinos papel envoltorio
Bar de Vinos delantales
Bar de Vinos copa