Para la creación del escudo municipal decidimos combinar algunos elementos del emblema tradicional, renovándolos y combinándolos. Agregamos nuevos elementos que representan más significativamente la actualidad del departamento y el perfil de sus vecinos.

Los elementos y conceptos que combinamos fueron: el cóndor, la hermandad, sustentabilidad, cultura, paisaje, laureles, la bandera y la identificación.


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For the creation of the municipal coat of arms we decided to combine some elements of the traditional emblem, renewing and combining them. We add new elements that represent more significantly the current situation of the department and the profile of its neighbors.

The elements and concepts that we combined were: the condor, brotherhood, sustainability, culture, landscape, laurels, the flag and identification.


Origin: 🇦🇷

fotografia municipalidad de godoy cruz

Previous coat of arms of the municipality of Godoy Cruz, emblem presented in society in 1994.

logo municipalidad de godoy cruz
escudo parte condor


The figure of the Condor was maintained, which identifies the Andean populations as few. Now it appears in mid-flight, connoting splendor and grandeur.

hermandad parte condor


We also hold hands intertwined that reflect the brotherhood between neighbors, as well as with tourists.

sustentabilidad parte escudo


From this brotherhood grows a sprout, which sums up the importance of ecology and sustainability.

cultura parte escudo godoy cruz


The base is an open book, referring to the arts and culture that flood the streets of Godoy Cruz.

paisaje escudo godoy cruz


In the background we find the sun, the mountains and the worked fields, elements that allude to Mendoza.

Laureles escudo godoy cruz


The whole set is contained by a laurel wreath that symbolizes the greatness and achievements of the department.

identificación escudo godoy cruz


The lower arch of the shield is surrounded by the name of the department, which allows it to be used in isolation and to maintain identification.

bandera escudo godoy cruz


The shield is located on a light blue and white background, in reference to the national emblem.

mockup logo escudo de godoy cruz
sello escudo de godoy cruz
estamping escudo godoy cruz